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Minimalist Prius/Car Camping Equipment, for Weekend Warriors

  Ever watched influencers like Nikki Delventha l and started imagining yourself traveling the country in your car, no hotel or RV necessary? Turns out, for those of us more interested in weekend outings than long term travel, it's quite easy. I have enjoyed using my Prius as a sort of minimalist RV for about a year. That being said, I can say from experience that there are some supplies you should not leave home without, for your comfort and sanity. Here are the 7 main areas you need to plan for.  One of the many shade socks you can find on Amazon Privacy While Car Camping in a Prius Window covers should be the first thing you buy. Window shades are essential for a few reasons. First, you need a private place to change your cloths, and sleep without feeling like anyone could see you. Second, shades help insulate the windows and regulate the temperature of the vehicle while you sleep. Thirdly, they help darken the vehicle if you sleep past sunrise, which is especially important in

Travel Food: Saving Money One Burrito At a Time

I wish my kitchen was this clean and photogenic   If you have ambitions of further-flung travel, then saving money is probably a big deal for you. Plane tickets are not cheap! Even budgetarian travel styles, like backpacking and road trips, can be expensive due to a longer period of travel. Thus, if travel is a high priority, you probably are also looking at what expenses you can eliminate in your day to day life.  I live a pretty frugal life. One of the main places I have learned to cut costs is at the grocery store. Sometimes, however,  I spend what I could be saving at restaurants or on fast food. This is especially true if I’m extra tired or busy. The magic bullet to this problem is keeping easy, portable, and appetizing home-cooked food on hand in case of an emergency.  Enter stage right: homemade frozen burritos. Make them in a bulk batch once a month, roll them individually in tin foil, freeze, and voila! I guarantee your cravings for take out will decrease by 50%. At least. The