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How to Build a Foldable Sleeping Platform for a 2018 RAV4 for Camping

This spring I built a foldable sleeping platform for my Hybrid 2018 Rav4. I had outgrown my Prius set up , plus my boyfriend wasn't a fan of the tight quarters. I used just some basic pieces of hardware (which cost less than $20) and some wood that my dad had leftover from his own campaign project. (about a sheet of 1 inch Baltic birch that costs less than $80, and 100 inches of 2x4s which cost about $5.) In addition to raw materials, you will also need tools for cutting wood, measuring, and some sand paper. Here is a breakdown of how it works and the measurements, so you can recreate it.  Why I Designed a Foldable Sleeping Platform for my RAV4 I am a weekend only camper. As much as I would love to do the full time van life thing, It won't be in the cards for a while. I wanted something that would allow me to make use of all space, without requiring the back seats to be taken out. Seats in 2028 hybrid RAV4s do not fold flat, so not using a platform was never an option. I’m also

I Ate At Every Restaurant At Lost Island Theme Park. Here Are My Recommendations

The Thirsty Voyager in Awa at Lost Island, home of cocktails and noodles bowls I love Lost Island, and I also love food. Every time I have visited Lost Island this season (2023) , I have made sure to try new unique food item. We have found the food to be better than at other small themeparks. I made sure to focus on menu items that were invented for the park, or are made scratch in the park. Thus, anything pre-packaged, like pickle bites, Thelma's ice cream sandwiches, and Uncrustables won’t be discussed here. (You can get these, and many other kid favorites, at most dining locations in Lost Island.) It is important to note that I haven’t eaten everything yet. If I try something new before the end of the season that is so good (or bad) that it warrants adding to this post, I will be sure to add a note.  Lost Island Dining Locations and Menus  Eating in Mura Kotaki Treats Let's do dessert first! Mura has only one dining location, in a very convenient location on the way towards

Visiting Meow Wolf Denver - It’s Not Your Average Art Museum

  The Cathedral at Meow Wolf - Convergence Station Back in May I had the opportunity to visit Meow Wolf Denver - Convergence Station. This turned out to be a highlight of our trip, and I can not recommend it enough. That being said, the experience itself is a little hard to explain, and I thought it would be worth going into detail about what to expect at this artsy, kaleidoscopic experience. What Is Meow Wolf?  As an organization, Meow Wolf is very similar to an art museum or artists collective. It operates several locations around the US, including Convergence Station in Denver.  Each location is filled to the brim with installation art that can be described as trippy, nostalgic and whimsical. Each Meow wolf location has a separate theme or storyline which connects each room or art piece.  However, most guests moving through a Meow Wolf exhibit won’t feel like they are in a modern art museum at all. I think it feels more like an escape room, minus the time limit and clear end goal. P