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 Hi! My name is Lydia and I write about min-maxing my time and money for the most adventure possible. I live in northern Iowa, not far from Lost Island Themepark and Waterpark. I grew up in southern Minnesota, spending summers camping with my family in a pop-up camper by the lake. During the day I am a graphic designer, but in my free time I love getting outside, hanging out with my cat and partner, cooking, and sometimes gardening and sewing. If you want to support me, I sell stock design assets on adobe stock

When I first conceptualized this blog, I wanted to focus on how to fit more travel into my life. I was inspired by media such as the Zero to Travel podcast and All the Sh- I Learned Abroad podcast. I want to find ways to squeeze as much out of my finite human life, despite my limited budget and location dependent job. On this website, I dive into camping, budget travel, travel friendly recipes, DIY camping projects, experience reviews and local/regional activities. Together we can learn more about the beautiful places not too far from our doorsteps! 


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