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DIY Reflectix Window Covers for Car Camping

One of the first things I recommend getting if you want to camp out of your SUV, hatchback, or Minivan is some window covers, and I thought I would share how easy it is to make your own Reflectix window covers.  I have been using "window socks" for my last few years of car camping, even back when I was camping in my Prius . They work great when you want some air flow, and they can be used on different makes of vehicles. However, they are not insulative and are transparent; sometimes you want a little extra privacy. Furthermore, you have to get out of the car to put window socks up, which isn't ideal when you are stealth camping. After a few failed experiments with fabric curtains, I decided it was time to upgrade.  Benefits of Reflectix  -Materials for homemade Reflectix are easy to get. I got mine in the home insulation department of Menards.  -Reflectix helps insulate your car in the winter, keeping your body heat inside the vehicle and extending the range of temperatu

Dehydrating Food for Car Camping: a Camping Pantry Update

When I first started solo car camping, I was determined to use only shelf-stable, store-bought foods. It made sense at the time - cheap and easy to supply. My thoughts about how I prepare food while camping have changed a bit over time, especially now that I am preparing for my first multi-week trip. My sister, who started car camping around the same time that I did, and my dad, both have an interest in dehydrated foods, so I thought I would give it a go.  Reasons for adding dehydrated foods to my camping pantry Cook and prep time at camp I push myself very hard while traveling. I want to get the maximum fun out of my precious weekends and PTO. unfortunately, sometimes this means that I'm just an exhausted, sweaty mess when I get to camp. Nothing is left in the tank for cooking.  Dehydrating foods means a quicker cooking time, depending on the food. Some foods, like rice, won't need to be cooked at all and become a viable addition to cold-soaked  recipes.   (for non-dehydrated