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My First Visit to Lost Island Theme Park in 2023: What's changed?

During the winter, I wrote down my predictions on what might change at Lost Island Theme Park , as they aim to make a more competitive experience. A lot of my predictions came true, such as character interactions and improved foliage. In this article, I break down some of the biggest changes in 2023.  Background on Lost Island Theme Park Lost Island Theme Park is a project run by the Bertch family, who also own Lost island Waterpark in Waterloo, Iowa. The park opened in 2022, and while offering some great rides and experiences, hasn’t had great crowds yet. The Park is themed around the balance of the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water, as well as the fifth element of spirit. Each element has its own “land” with a unique story related to keeping the balance.  New Rides At Lost Island Theme Park Two new rides have opened up! Honestly, I think these might be my favorite. New Launch Coaster First we have Matugani, a short but very fast launch coaster. This thing gets some speed!

Our Visit to Dinosaur Ridge, a Family-Friendly Attraction Near Denver Colorado

Have you ever wished you could see a real paleontology site? Have you ever wondered what fossil footprints look like when they are found by scientists? On a trip to Colorado a few weeks ago on Amtrak , I got to visit Dinosaur Ridge in Morrison, Colorado. Dinosaur Ridge is a museum, active paleontology site, and nature area all in one! We had a great time, and I wanted to share some information about the trip so you can incorporate it into your next trip in the west. The organization that manages Dinosaur Ridge is very active in the community, and also manages an active paleontology program. So, if you have the time and budget, please support them!  Where is Dinosaur Ridge, and how long should I plan to be there? Dinosaur Ridge in Morrison, Colorado, just outside of Denver, not far from Red Rocks Amphitheater and Green Mountain. It only takes a little less than 2 hours to complete the self guided tour and museum, assuming you do everything. Because it doesn’t take very long, it's p

Can You Travel Overnight in Amtrak Coach Seats? Our Experience on the California Zephyr

My boyfriend and I have wanted to travel from Iowa to Colorado on the California Zephyr for a while. However, we discovered that we could only afford Amtrak coach seats, and not a roomette. We decided to take the rail trip anyway and see how it went. We came back about a week ago, and I have plenty of info to share about sleeping in Amtrak coach seats! Our Amtrak route and itinerary Since we live in Iowa, the California Zephyr is the most accessible rail route. This Amtrak route goes from Chicago to San Francisco, California. It stops along the way at large and small stations alike, including Omaha, Lincoln, Denver, and Salt Lake City. For our trip, we boarded at a small station in Osceola, Iowa, and deboarded in Denver’s Union Station. We took Amtrak home using the same stations, also in coach seats. Both trains that we took had sleeper cars at the front of the train, then the dining car, then next the observation deck/cafĂ© car, and the coach cars at the end.  What is the difference