How to Get Your Homebody Partner or Friend to Adventure With You


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I get cabin fever easily. However, my partner does not. He is an introvert, runs out of energy faster than I do, and doesn’t like bugs. Or maybe bugs like him too much? Whichever way that goes, we have different preferences when it comes to how much adventure is enough. Sometimes this is a problem. However, this doesn’t mean we don’t get to go on great adventures together. Since we have been living together, I think we have learned a lot about how to adventure, when to adventure, and when to make compromises to keep everyone happy and comfortable.

Homebodies love to be comfortable; Come prepared to manage the elements
This one is possibly the most obvious, but it’s pretty foundational. If you forget the bug spray on a hike, you will not have a good time. If you don’t bring sunscreen to the beach, you will not have a good time. My boyfriend often prefers to be indoors because it's more comfortable. Thus, as I plan a new outdoor outing, I try to make a list in my mind of the things I can do to counteract nature’s problems. Consider the following:
  • What will the weather be like during the day? Consider bringing sunscreen, rain gear, extra water, and warmer clothes, depending on the conditions.
  • If you will be camping in the summer, consider bringing a battery powered fan to keep cool at night. If you will be overnight in a cooler season, bring extra blankets or a heated blanket. No matter what season you go during just make sure your sleeping arrangements are as comfortable as humanly possible. Nothing starts a day poorly like bad sleep.
  • Avoid outdoor activities if the weather is miserably cold or windy.
  • Rain and wind beget messy feet, tents and cars. Bring a pack of baby wipes and keep extra clean shoes and socks in your vehicle.

Fuel your body right

“You're not you when you are hungry.” If you are active you are burning extra calories and losing water faster. This is doubly true in hot or cold weather and it's certainly true in my household. Bring extra water and snacks. Hydration is so important that if you have an especially picky homebody who won’t drink tap water or certain bottled waters, I would recommend planning in advance with flavor enhancers. You never want to be in a situation where someone accidentally ends up feeling sick due to dehydration.

Include you homebody in planning & tailor experiences to their interests
My boyfriend doesn’t love surprises when it comes to traveling. Even impromptu day trips can use up a lot of his mental energy. Be considerate of this when it makes sense, and include your adventure buddy in the planning so they have time to mentally prepare for your adventure. Ask them what interests them, what they don’t like, and what anxieties they might have. Don’t assume that they like something just because you do, or because “everyone” likes it. For example, my boyfriend especially likes museums featuring technology or industry. He also loves trains and prefers to take a hot shower in the morning. He doesn't like tents much. Thus, when there is a way to include museums or passenger trains in an itinerary we do. I only choose campgrounds with modern showers, and I try to stay with relatives as a waypoint, rather than camping too many nights in a row. When we camp, we have the option of tent camping, or to stay in our Prius depending on how he feels.

Pace yourself

When your homebody is feeling out of their element, they might need time to recharge. Plan this into your daily schedule to prevent unnecessary stress. Sometimes I get antsy in moments where we need to relax. So, if you are constantly moving like me, try bringing a book or sketchbook to keep you occupied. Pacing yourself might look like:

  • Winding down at a campfire
  • Watching a movie or Youtube on your phone before bedtime

  • Taking turns driving 

  • Hanging around the hotel for an extra hour

  • Taking a really long shower

  • Putting down a picnic blanket and laying in the sun

  • Sitting down for a meal rather than eating on the run

Don’t be afraid to travel solo sometimes

If you don’t have someone around with the same appetite for adventure that you do, don’t feel like you need to rely on someone else traveling with you. I only discovered the empowerment of solo camping last year, when I went out to backbone state park on my own to see if I could hike the entire park in a day. That's something I never would have been able to attempt with most of my friends, let alone my homebody boyfriend. And I’m so glad I did! That trip gave me a lot of confidence in myself, and has pushed me towards other adventures I wouldn’t have even considered before. Now, I also love spending time with the homebodies in my life, and I will always find ways to accommodate them on trips. But it's also a good feeling to know that if you want to do or see something, as long as you take safety precautions, that is always in your power. If you try solo camping and don’t like that either, try outdoor classes or making friends with people you meet whilst on your adventures.


Life is all about compromises, and sometimes that includes having the best time on adventures with loved ones. I hope this helps you adventure more. Do you have any tips for helping your homebodies be more comfortable on adventures? Comment below!

Be kind to yourself, and happy adventuring!


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