Which Lost Island Theme Park Ticket Should you Buy in 2023?


a spinning ride at Lost Island Themepark
Photo from Lost Island's website

The answer is - it depends! How often do you plan on going? How long can a fixed number of attractions keep you entertained? Do you also plan on going to the Lost Island Waterpark? Let's break down who should be using a day pass versus who would benefit from a season pass. This is the first year that season passes will be available, and a season pass might be worth serious consideration for some adventurers.  

What does a Lost Island Themepark day pass cost?

According to the Lost Island Theme Park's website, day passes will be $43.00 - $48.00 for the 2023 season. Exact prices will depend on the date you choose. Passes must be purchased for a specific day online, or day off at the front gate. Don’t forget that the Theme Park charges for parking, unlike the Waterpark. 

How much does a Lost Island Themepark season pass cost? 

Multiple season passes are available depending on what perks you want. The most basic pass costs $200 plus taxes and the most premium pass costs $375 plus taxes. 

What does a season pass include, aside from admission? Are there any perks? 

Yes, there are perks! The exact kind depends on which pass you buy. 

The standard pass includes admission, free parking, and $42 admission for a friend, limit one per season pass holder, once per day. 

The platinum pass includes admission to the Theme Park AND waterpark, as well as free parking, $42 admission for a friend, limit one per season pass holder, once per day, unlimited mini golf, and a collection of discounts for food, drinks and cabanas at the waterpark. 

What does Lost Island Waterpark normally cost to add to my trip? 

Day passes are $39.00 for adults and $33.00 for  children older than 3 years. There is also a one day “park hopper” type pass for $$62.00, and a 2 day combo pass for $76.00

Cost benefit analysis of a season pass

Let's start with the raw numbers. Let's assume when you visit the theme park, you will be there for a whole day. If you get the base season pass, then you will need to visit the theme park 4-5 times to get the same dollar value. This is ideal for serial weekend visitors, and also teens and pre-teens who might spend weekdays at the park regularly. If you get the platinum pass, you would need to almost double that, or visit the waterpark enough to make up the price difference between the two season pass packages. However, for those living in the Cedar Valley, full days in the park are not your only option! Most of the season, the theme park is open from 10:30 am to 6:30 pm. That means that locals can also spend a few hours in the evening at the park after work, or use half days to visit the park on occasion. 

Thus season passes are best for locals living in the Cedar Valley of Iowa, as well as theme park enthusiasts. Most likely, all others will benefit most from day passes or water park combo passes. 

Personally I plan to buy a season pass, and my boyfriend does as well. Being local, it gives us a good opportunity to see the park after work, and gives us the option of half days on weekends when we might have appointments or errands to run. I’m excited to see what's new this season! In the meantime, you can read about some of my predictions and critiques of Lost Island Themepark or my dining guide. 

Be kind to yourself, and happy adventuring!


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